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fffffffff   Baogang Reservoir is at the south bank of Yangzi River,one of the main wintering sites for grebes and ducks in Shanghai.It consists of three reservoirs.The northern one is near Jiangsu Province which is abandoned.Ducks stay here and the southern one.Grebes like the one in the middle,with Velvet Scoter and loons often in spring.Mergansers and some gulls appear occasionally.Possibly a raptor spot in migration.Around are farmlands and woodlands,with Magpie,skylarks etc. Baogang Reservoir

    Status:Not conserved.
Best season:Spring,winter.
Transport:1h drive to Baogang Reservoir.
  Baogang Reservoir
      Black-throated Loon
Black-throated Loon
      Greater ScaupGreater Scaup
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