Saunders's Gull,Little Curlew,Hooded Crane,Japanese Swamp Warbler,Black-faced Spoonbill,Reed Parrotbill,Chinese Egret  
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    Binhai,an area prepared for reclamation along the east coastline of Shanghai.Thus for the present it provides good habitats for herons,waterfowls,waders etc.It's the best place in Shanghai to watch Chinese Egret,Little Curlew,Oriental Plover and Loons.Black-faced Spoonbill,Reed Parrotbill,Japanese Swamp Warbler and passerines often seen too.Recently,a few Crested Grebes and Coots are found breeding here.   Binhai  
Status:Non-hunting area.
Best season:Spring,autumn,winter.
Transport:1.5h drive to Binhai.
  Chinese Egret and Greenshank watch the sea
  backward forward   Chinese Egret and Greenshank  
Black-faced Spoonbill
      Black-faced Spoonbill  



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