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Black Scoter Melanitta nigra americana at Paotaiwan Park,a new record for Shanghai-2nd January,2011

by Peter Salmon




On 2 Jan 2011 I observed a female or immature Black Scoter from the viewing pier at Paotaiwan Park.It was resting on the water.First in the sea grass near the pier,then as the tide receeded it moved out into the river.It was present for at least 3 hrs.

I assume it was a Black Scoter Melanitta nigra americana as the very similar female/ immature Common Scoter M. n. nigra is extralimital in Shanghai to my knowledge.

Also present was a 2 cal year Pallas's Gull resting with other gulls at the edge of the sea grass. Present for c 45 minutes.


Black Scoter

Black Scoter,photo by Zhang Lin



On 4 Jan Zhang Lin saw this bird again at the same spot.Besides it and the Pallas's Gull,a 1st-win Slaty-backed Gull was also observed.

Pallas's Gull Pallas's Gull  



There are only a few records of Black Scoter in China.And this is the first record for Shanghai.

Pallas's and Slaty-backed Gull are also very rare in Shanghai region.

Slaty-backed Gull  
      Slaty-backed Gull (left)  



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