Saunders's Gull,Little Curlew,Hooded Crane,Japanese Swamp Warbler,Black-faced Spoonbill,Reed Parrotbill,Chinese Egret  
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    Fengxian coast is in Hangzhou Bay,south Shanghai.The mudflat and reservoir give a good chance to watch waders,gulls,terns,loons,scoters and mergansers.Shanghai Normal University and Fengxian Century Park nearby provide woodland birds,ducks and Pheasant-tailed Jacana.One or two Ospreys recorded steadily.   Fengxian coast  
Best season:Spring,autumn,winter.
Transport:1.5h drive to Fengxian coast.

      Fengxian coast  
  Fengxian White-winged Scoter
          White-winged Scoter  



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