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Hangzhou is in Hangzhou Bay,southwest of Shanghai.It's one of the capitals in China's history and owns hills and lakes in the city.Here you can see more southern birds than in Shanghai,for example Mountain Bulbul,Chestnut Bulbul,Grey-headed Parrotbill,Magpie Robin.In West Lake,real Mandarin Duck winters every year,and a few even stay there breeding.In the valleys of Longjing village,where the famous green tea Longjing Tea is produced,you can sit there,drinking tea,and watch birds. Along the Qiantang River,some waterfowls,waders,crakes and gulls can be seen.

Crested Ibis is reintroduced to Deqing,close to Hangzhou.


Best season:All year round.
Transport:1h train to Hangzhou city.

Grey-headed Parrotbill

Common Kingfisher Magpie Robin
Common Kingfisher Magpie Robin
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