Saunders's Gull,Little Curlew,Hooded Crane,Japanese Swamp Warbler,Black-faced Spoonbill,Reed Parrotbill,Chinese Egret  
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ffffffffff   Yellow River Delta is in Bohai Bay,Shandong Province.It's one of the breeding sites of Saunders's Gull,and one of the main wintering site of Red-crowned Crane.In winter,u can also find swans,Oriental Stork...and Great Bustard.Recently,Oriental Stork is found to breed.Reed Parrotbill is resident.   Yellow River Delta  
    Status:Nature Reserve.
Best season:Spring,autumn,winter.
Transport:1h flight,4h drive to Yellow River Delta.

  Yellow River Delta  

Crested Grebe

Crested Grebe

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