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    Poyang Lake used to be the first largest fresh water lake in China but now is the second.It's in the lower Yangzi River Basin,Jiangxi Province.Almost all of the Siberian Cranes in the world,with huge flocks of geese,swans,ducks,storks and cranes winter in the lakes.If lucky enough,Dalmatian Pelicans,Japanese Swamp Warbler and Swinhoe's Crake can be seen.Recently,Japanese Swamp Warbler is found to breed here.   siberian crane  

Status:Nature Reserve.
Best season:Winter.
Transport:1h flight and 2h drive,or 3h train and 2h drive,or 10h drive to Poyang Lake.

siberian crane

  Poyang Lake  
Oriental Stork Oriental Stork
Swan Goose Swan Goose
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