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One female Scaly-sided Merganser in Fengxian coast-25 Dec,2008

by Zhang Lin & Cynthia Li

    According to Shanghai Waterbirds by Yuan Xiao and Cai Youming,Scaly-sided Merganser Mergus squamatus is said to be only recorded in Shanghai in Birds Recorded from or Known to Occur in the Shanghai Area by Sowerby C. published in 1943.In recent years,there're some Russian researchers doing satellite tracking on this species.The data shows that in migration they pass the Shanghai area.In November,there were some records from Zhejiang Province,including three females in a reservoir at the south bank of Hangzhou Bay.

The bird we saw was roosting and feeding with five female Red-breasted Mergansers,in a reservoir along the Fengxian coast,which is at the north bank of Hangzhou Bay.

Distance:less than 50m
Light condition:clear day,good light at noon

In the binoculars,it looked paler on both flanks and upperbody than Red-breasted Merganser,from any angle of view.
In the telescope,it showed clear scales on flanks,fuller crest,dark lores,stonger bill and the yellow bill tip.

It wintered there, and was observed until 10 Mar,2009.




Scaly-sided Merganser  
      Digiscoped Scaly-sided Merganser ,with Red-breasted Merganser  



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