Saunders's Gull,Little Curlew,Hooded Crane,Japanese Swamp Warbler,Black-faced Spoonbill,Reed Parrotbill,Chinese Egret  
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    Yancheng Nature Reserve is in the north of Shanghai,along the coastline of Jiangsu Province.With similar but larger habitats to those in Shanghai,this nature reserve is famous for Red-crowned Crane.The largest wintering flock of the cranes come here every year.Many raptors(such as harriers and falcons),waterfowls,passerines,Common Cranes,geese,Oriental Storks,spoonbills also winter in the wetland.A few Saunders's Gulls may breed in summer.Reed Parrotbill rich.Pere David Deer sometimes wanders from Dafeng NR into this Nature Reserve.   Yancheng  
    Status:Wetlands inside the Nature Reserve conserved.Outside are farmlands(paddyfield and cottonfield),without good wetlands.
Best season:Winter.
Transport:5h drive to Yangcheng Nature Reserve.

Red-crowned Crane  
Red-crowned Crane  
    backward forward Eastern Marsh Harrier Pere David Deer  
        Eastern Marsh Harrier Pere David Deer  



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