Saunders's Gull,Little Curlew,Hooded Crane,Japanese Swamp Warbler,Black-faced Spoonbill,Reed Parrotbill,Chinese Egret  
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Useful references around Shanghai are as follows,

  • A Field Guide to the Birds of China by John MacKinnon and Karen Phillipps, Oxford University Press
  • Birds of East Asia by Mark Brazil, Christopher Helm
  • A Field Guide to the Birds of South-east Asia by Craig Robson, New Holland Publishers
  • Bird Guide by Lars Svensson and Peter J. Grant,Harper Collins Publishers
  • A field Guide to the Waterbirds of Asia by Wild Bird Society of Japan
  • Birds of Hongkong and South China by Clive Viney, Karen Phillips and Lam Chiu Ying, Hongkong Government Press
  • A photographic Guide to the Birds of Hongkong by Hongkong Birdwatching Society
  • China Bird Report by China Ornithological Society
  • Shanghai Bird Report by Shanghai Wild Bird Society
  • A Guide to the Mammals of China by Andrew T. Smith

and some links,

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